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If you are someone who has crooked teeth and are looking for a way to remedy the problem but don’t want to deal with metal braces, then Invisalign® is what you are looking for. Your smile is one of the first things people notice, so let us help restore it today. Please come in to see Maynard V Davenport Orthodontics in Lakeside, Arizona, and let Dr. Maynard Davenport fit you for your custom Invisalign braces.

One of the reasons people are hesitant from getting braces is because of the restrictive nature of the metal wires and brackets. Invisalign avoids those issues posed by metal braces by using clear, plastic trays. Dr. Maynard Davenport will fit you with custom Invisalign trays that slide between your teeth. The Invisalign trays will guide your teeth into their proper location. Unlike metal braces, the Invisalign trays may be removed for up to two hours a day. This allows the user to eat without having to worry about stuck food.

For your treatment to be successful, you will need to wear the Invisalign trays for at least twenty-two hours a day. You will also need to replace your Invisalign trays every two weeks. Invisalign braces will take around eighteen to twenty-four months for the treatment to be successful.

To schedule a regular appointment or a consultation for Invisalign, please call our office today. Our orthodontist looks forward to restoring your smile!