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Your braces installed at Maynard V Davenport Orthodontics’s Lakeside, Arizona orthodontic clinic have been made from rather durable elements and bonded to your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. This creates an integrated system that can handle the rigors of daily use, all the while realigning your teeth. However, they are still not impervious to damage or complications from bacterial tooth decay.

Chewing gum or eating sticky foods can potentially create significant suction. This could potentially pull a bracket or spacer out of position. At the same time, crunching down on hard foods can also bend wires and damage braces hardware.

If you suffer any kind of damage to an element of your braces hardware, you should not hesitate to call 928-367-2939 to seek professional care and repair at our clinic.

When your orthodontist originally installed your braces, you should have been given a piece of special orthodontic wax. If something sharp is threating to wound your tongue, cheek or gums, you should secure it inside the orthodontic wax. If needs-be you can improvise with a piece of pencil eraser or another firm object.

You should never attempt to repair a damaged or bent piece of hardware on your own. All repair and reinstallation procedures should be left to the orthodontic specialists at Maynard V Davenport Orthodontics’s clinic.

It’s possible for a spacer to feel loose or fall out shortly before your next adjustment session. In a situation like this, you should call our clinic for further advice. This is usually a sign that your teeth are ready for the next adjustment and your orthodontist might recommend scheduling an earlier appointment.