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Getting your braces off may seem like a step towards dental freedom, and it is! You’ve done it! You’ve earned the straight, functional and gorgeous smile you wanted. However, the next phase of your oral health has just begun!

With all your diligence in maintaining your oral healthcare with braces, a less-demanding routine of daily dental hygiene should be no trouble for you! A retainers can be the tricky part, though, as you need to stick to a set schedule of when to wear it and follow any instructions on how to clean it.

Every person’s dental care is different, so our orthodontist will provide you with specific guidelines on wearing and caring for your retainer. Dr. Maynard Davenport will also ensure you get the type of retainer that best fits your dental needs. These may include a fixed retainer, Hawley retainer, or a clear aligner type of retainer.

Our team at Maynard V Davenport Orthodontics understands that it can be annoying or embarrassing to wear a retainer, but your smile is going to last for years to come with the proper maintenance. We are here if you ever damage, lose or just have questions about your retainer. So, to contact our office about retainers in Lakeside, Arizona, please call us at 928-367-2939. We look forward to hearing from you!