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Sometimes, a wire on your braces can break and stick out. It can poke your gums, tongue or cheek, depending on where it is. It may not cause you much discomfort, but it can be rather annoying. The orthodontist can help you fix it, but we have some tips that may help you feel more comfortable in the meantime.

First, do not cut the wire. We know it is pestering you, but you will be better off if you let a professional handle it. Our orthodontist is experienced and skilled in dealing with the wires.

In order to keep the braces from being too much of a bother, you can use something like an eraser on the end of a pencil to try to move the wire into a place where it is not poking you quite as much or at all. If the wire is positioned in a place where you cannot move it easily, you can lather it up with orthodontic wax so it does not cause you much discomfort. You can also use small cotton balls or some bits of gauze for the this purpose.

Dr. Maynard Davenport can take things from there once you reach our office in Lakeside, Arizona. If you have trouble with your braces, let us know by calling 928-367-2939. We want you to have that good-looking smile you’ve been wanting, so we will fix them for you.