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Orthodontics is used to straighten the teeth and correct the bite. This can improve both the health and appearance of your smile. Now that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are some things you should know about caring for your teeth and braces.

Dental Hygiene with Braces
Dental hygiene is a little more involved while wearing braces. In order to floss, work the short end of your floss through the space between the arch wire and the upper part of the tooth. Then use a sawing motion to gently work the floss between the teeth. Be very careful around the arch wires.

When brushing, use a soft-bristled brush. Brush both up from the bottom and down from the top of each tooth. After this, brush with a proxabrush, which is designed to clean between the brackets. Insert the brush both from the bottom up and from the top down between each bracket. Use several brushing strokes in both directions.

Foods to Avoid
While wearing braces, there are certain foods that should be avoided, as they can break or loosen the brackets. These include:

– Tough-to-bite or hard foods like apples
– Chewy food like caramel
– Hard pretzels, carrots, nuts, and popcorn
– Corn on the cob

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